Color Series Inspiration-Yellow

Oh how I love the color yellow, so bright and cheery.  I do think that there are certain instances when it may not be appropriate to use at certain times and may look out of place with other color combinations. But overall, I enjoy the color yellow, it makes me smile.

Andrea K. Grist

Just a reminder that all images pictured on our blog are our artistic creations that were designed lovingly in our studio, or images from our travel adventures. Thank you to the lovely photographers who capture our flowers, we appreciate you!!

Beautiful close up of a yarrow flower. Image courtesy of Kimberly Saunders.

A lovely yellow tulip. Image courtesy of Kimberly Saunders.

A lovely cactus flower image I took at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Beautiful sunflower field outside Lawrence, Kansas

Beautiful sunflowers as far as thee eye can see. I took my 93 year-old grandmother to see these and she loved them!

Lovely creamy yellow sweetheart roses.

Beautiful bridal bouquet with yellows and cream. Image courtesy of Mike Tsai.

One of our lovely brides with her lovely yellow bouquet.

Darling photo, love the sandals. Image courtesy of Lemon Lime Photography.

I took this image before our delivery. I love the soft yellow carnations that peek out.

Beautiful sunflowers. Image courtesy of Freeland Photography.

Darling personal flowers with yellow billy balls, along with touches of fresh greener.

This is a lovely yellow ranunculus grown in the great state of Missouri at Urban Buds:City Grown Flowers.  They welcomed me for a great tour of their farm.

Beautiful, bright centerpiece. Image courtesy of Studio Chyree.

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